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Founded in 2020, the Current Affairs Times is a small team of passionate journalists and editors working to make media access widely available to the public. It seeks to report the news weekly in a clear, professional way. We are 501(c)(3) and a female-founded non-profit organization.

We’re proud to say we are a female-founded publication. Our top management is also comprised of women who have decades of experience in the legal and media sectors.

Our mission is to report the news objectively, concisely, and clearly. We don’t just focus on objectivity—we have the right tools to select our stories among hundreds of topics, without compromising on fact-checking. 

Our topics are stories that ring true from injustices, political strategies, personal experiences, and stories that truly deserve to be exposed in an unbiased manner. We are committed to finding stories that are uplifting and educative. We are particularly interested in politics, finance, international news, sports, wellness, and travel content. We also focus on investigative stories that deal with political and financial accountability. Our editors are interested in covering stories and not just relaying them. We strive to report constructively with compassion, intelligence, teamwork, and collaboration.

Team Current Affairs Times is committed to getting more diverse voices into our coverage. Our team is unified in decision-making across our newsroom while telling our readers what to expect. We hold ourselves accountable for the information we publish and write with great integrity. Our collaborative values guide us every day. We want to strengthen journalism and foster a healthy news culture. Our core values include – unbiased stories, integrity, collaboration, teamwork, respect, presentation of facts, and building opportunities.

Through the Current Affairs Times’ international reach, it also aims to help small, local businesses reach their target advertising audiences by providing affordable advertising packages. If you are interested in advertising with us, click here to get in touch.