April 22, 2024

Our Mission

Founded in 2020, Current Affairs Times began with a simple but substantial goal: to assist those deprived of justice and subjected to inhumane treatment by providing dedicated legal representation while examining the underlying causes through barrier-free journalism and expert legal analysis.

Who are we?

The Current Affairs Time’s team is a small group of dedicated journalists and attorneys working to make media and legal aid widely available to the public. We are also a 501(c)(3), a registered public charity, and a female-founded non-profit organization.

Our team is not limited or partial in who or how we apply our talents. Whether it be victims of gun violence; police brutality; domestic, sexual, or emotional abuse; libel; medical malpractice; or those requiring legal who share our desire to form the world into a more just and empathetic place, Current Affairs Times operates as a resource both for legal aid and publicity through investigative journalism. 

What sets us apart?

The Current Affairs Times is at the forefront of merging legal aid with media-based initiatives. We believe that to foster an ongoing sense of change, our work must extend beyond the courtroom and into the awareness of the general public. So, although we seek to produce writing, podcasts, and documentary footage free from outside manipulation, our topics often deal with examining issues associated with our cases.

Ultimately, it’s our goal to continue to work toward our mission with the following guiding principles:

  1. Through legal aid: Represent those innocent, defenseless, or wrongfully convicted that cannot afford legal fees.
  2. Through media based-initiatives: Expand on underreported issues and voices to spread awareness and raise funds so we can continue representing those who require our assistance.
  3. In every element of operation: Promote justice and equity through fearless and uninhibited legal representation and journalism.

What are our standards?

Our coverage and legal aid focus on exposing injustice, whether that be through pro bono representation, investigation/commentary on political strategies & campaigns, personal experience & expert interviews, or in-depth legal analysis. In all our work, we seek to educate, discover, and inform rather than provide presuppositional narratives. In short, we cover stories committed to continuity and empowerment above all else.

The Current Affairs Times also has a staunch dedication to uplifting diverse and underrepresented voices and works to promote a non-discriminatory culture. Our core values/beliefs include:

  • Incentive-free reporting, completely divorced from financial or political interest.
  • Collaboration with underrepresented demographics.
  • Providing a mouthpiece for the voiceless.
  • Engaging the public with journalism that challenges and promotes depth and continuity.

How can you support us?

The Current Affairs Times welcomes and appreciates donations and funding to help support our efforts and continue spreading awareness and providing legal aid. Although our subscriptions are completely free-of-charge, you can choose to pay or donate on our subscription page.

Additionally, the Current Affairs Times’ international reach aims to help small, local businesses reach their target advertising audiences by providing affordable advertising packages. If you are interested in advertising with us, click here to get in touch.