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What’s happened since the Wallace shooting and curfews in Philadelphia?

What’s happened since the Wallace shooting and curfews in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia – Last Monday, Philadelphia police shot a 27-year-old African-American man named Walter Wallace, Jr. His death sparked protests and looting from Philadelphia to New York City. In light of the turmoil, the city of Philadelphia declared two curfews last week.

Since Saturday, Philadelphia authorities have released information on Twitter, indicating the violence and looting have decreased.

In a viral video, Wallace is seen holding a knife. He walks across a street while two police officers point guns at him. Police order Wallace to drop the knife before they fire their guns. When Wallace walked towards the police instead, the officers shot seven rounds each, according to police Chief Inspector Frank Vanore.

Referring to a video of the incident, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said, “…it raises many questions…while at the scene this evening, I heard and felt the anger of the community.”

According to Shaka Johnson, a lawyer for the family, Mr. Wallace had bipolar disorder and took medication accordingly. The police came to the Wallace household several times on the day Wallace died, according to Johnson. Prior to the shooting of Wallace, Wallace’s brother called for an ambulance. The reason is unknown.

Walter Wallace Jr
Walter Wallace Jr. Image Credit: Love Story Chapel

After Wallace died, looting and protests began in Philadelphia. Last Tuesday, protests in New York City grew violent when police and protestors clashed. Police confirmed the arrests of 32 people. Five officers were injured.

Due to the unrest, Philadelphia had several curfews last week. One was issued on October 28, and another on October 30. The city of Philadelphia has not declared a curfew since that time.  

The police told Current Affairs Times 911 audio and body camera footage of the shooting will be released to the public November 4. As promised, that footage was released.

Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney said the city’s Officer Involved Shooting Investigation Unit will conduct a full investigation. How will the investigation pan out?

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