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The infection rates of U.S. and international COVID-19 cases are out of control

The infection rates of U.S. and international COVID-19 cases are out of control

United States- COVID-19 continues to infect the global population at alarming rates. Currently, the United States is leading the world in the total number of cases, followed by India, Brazil, and France.

Today, the United States has 11,300,635 million cases of COVID-19. 172,391 new cases were reported yesterday. The U.S. death count exceeds 250,000.

The upper midwest seems to be struggling the most — in the last week, South Dakota reported almost 162 cases of COVID per 100,000 people. Other midwestern states had similarly close rates per 100,000. 

Internationally, both the infection and the mortality rates are staggering. Here’s a sampling:

  • India ranks second in the world for total cases at 8,960,098 cases. 45,439 new cases were reported as of Wednesday, and India’s death toll hovers near 590.
  • Next highest is Brazil at 5,947,403 cases total with 35,645 new cases as of Wednesday. Yesterday, 754 people died there.
  • France follows Brazil with 2,065,138 total cases. 28,383 cases were reported on Wednesday. The total death rate in France is 425.

Several pharmaceutical companies recently boasted successful vaccine candidates. As we move into the new year, when will these numbers come down for good?

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