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Afia and Erin’s Real Talk – America’s War On Drugs

Afia and Erin’s Real Talk – America’s War On Drugs

Today we are with Dr. Katharine Neill Harris. 

Katharine is the Alfred C. Glassell, III, Fellow in Drug Policy at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy. 

Furthermore, her current research focuses on the availability of drug treatment for at-risk populations, the opioid epidemic, and the legalization of medical and adult-use cannabis. 

Additionally, she supports policy reforms that treat drug use as a public health issue, such as alternatives to incarceration for drug offenders, needle-exchange programs, safe-consumption sites, drug testing services, expanded access to medication-assisted treatments, and greater integration of substance use mental health services with each other and with other areas of
medical service.

Also, you can watch the video version of this podcast on YouTube.

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Afia is a lawyer, journalist, an avid traveler, an avid reader, a foodie, and an amateur singer. She enjoys instrumental music with her glass of wine ?

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Erin Mayer has been published in numerous publications. When she is not reporting, writing, studying or protesting, she is gardening, traveling, or at the beach with loved ones.

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