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What is the Punishment for Non-Compliance?

What is the Punishment for Non-Compliance?

Traffic stops happen every day. But rarely does a person expect a traffic infraction to result in a dangerous, violent altercation with the police. Arguably, it rarely is warranted. But the frequency in which traffic stops are escalated to violent interactions with the police are rapidly increasing; With new technological advances like video dashs, body cams, cell phones, and Facebook live, complaints about police brutality are being taken a little bit more seriously. Officer misconduct is more often met with consequences; public, legally, and professionally. Here we are sharing the Authorities investigate Tennessee cops after black man Brandon Calloway beaten after traffic stop.

Current Affairs Times: On July 25, 2022, Brandon Calloway took a road trip with his girlfriend across Tennessee. The goal was to stop at his father’s place overnight before heading back on the road again. Things went left when Brandon decided to pick up a Door Dash order for some quick cash when he allegedly ran a stop sign, and was subsequently pulled over by the police. According to CNN news, Calloway was immediately followed by the Oakland police department. There are no reports of Calloway pulling over at any time. For many, this complicates matters. Why did he not simply take his ticket (if one was to be issued) and then proceed home? Was the situation escalated by Calloway’s unwise decision to evade police after allegedly running a stop sign? Or did officers overreact when they finally subdued Clalloway in his home? Black man was beaten by police 

Image Credits: NY Times

It turns out that the punishment is quite steep for evading police during a traffic stop in the state of Tennessee. Technically, Calloway did break the law. For someone to be convicted of a felony for this crime, the following conditions must apply:

  • The accused was operating a vehicle on a street in Tennessee
  • The accused intentionally fled or attempted to elude a law enforcement officer; 
  • The accused failed to bring the vehicle to a stop after receiving a signal from the officer.

According to Tennessee’s criminal law felony evading arrest is classified as a Class E Felony, which may result in up to six years in prison, court costs, and fines of up to $3,000. Eluding Arrest Defense Lawyer in Manchester 

However, the fact still remains that officers are not permitted to use excessive force while subduing a criminal, and are highly encouraged to e-escalate interaction with civilians. For lack of a better word, the situation did, most certainly, escalate. Calloways’s girlfriend, an eyewitness to the interaction, recorded the chase that continued when Calloway fled to his home, and the brutal beating Calloway endured from multiple officers with batons. The video vividly shows Collway attempting to ward off multiple blows to the head, hands, chest; his girlfriend can be heard screaming in the background; begging the officers to stop beating him,  declaring that he is unarmed. Several officers had guns drawn. Ultimately Callowy was subdued and arrested but the image when he’s finally taken down, is grisly;Calloway lay virtually immovable and handcuffed, in a pool of his own blood with a look of complete shock and fear on his face. Video footage does display the officers continuing to beat Calloway, despite the fact that he is not offering much resistance due to his injuries. Brandon Calloway video

Very recently, Oakland Police Chief Chris Earl stated that the incident is under investigation. Judicial District Attorney General Mark Davidson promptly requested a probe into the arrest. The results of the arrest are soon to follow. After the altercation, Calloway share that he fled the seen due to an ingrained fear of all police officers. He stated that “I feel like my life now is a nightmare.”

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