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AstraZeneca Vaccine Faces Setback —  Could Arrive By Year’s End

AstraZeneca Vaccine Faces Setback — Could Arrive By Year’s End

Cambridge, UK –  AstraZeneca PLC’s Chief Executive, Pascal Soriot, noted that the pharmaceutical company could still have a vaccine developed by the end of this year. This came after late-stage trials had to be put on hold because a participant fell sick with an unknown illness. 

Soirot said that manufacturing capacity for worldwide distribution of AstraZeneca’s vaccine could happen early next year. The chief executive promised a simultaneous release globally of the immunization thanks to deals with national governments and manufacturers. 

The trial was paused after a volunteer fell ill. No illness has been identified, but Soirot proclaimed that tests were being done on the subject. An independent committee in the UK has been called to investigate the matter. 

AstraZeneca conducted a large trial in the UK and started a late stage trial in the US. They have also been conducting tests in Brazil and South Africa. This is done to determine the vaccine’s safety to the public. 

Will the search for a vaccine remain at a steady pace despite obstacles? 

Image Credit: Mika Baumeister/Unsplash


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