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Bitcoin move over, here comes The Chosen One

Bitcoin move over, here comes The Chosen One

The Metaverse– With the prominence of scams abounding in the crypto world right now in the headlines of every major paper, you may just chalk his idea up as another scam, but Ron Levy has a vision that is all too American. 

Having more in common with the venerable social clubs of midtown NYC, than its nearest cousin the Bitcoin, The Chosen One Crypto-coin is in a league of its own on the newly emerging crypto-landscape. 

“This currency is going to reach the highest places in the crypto world because it has something that no (other) currency has,” says early investor Joni Robert on Facebook, “Instead of getting a portion of a billion coins you get a portion of one coin and then your portion (is) worth a lot of money because there is not much merchandise to give.”

The idea seems more like the All-American timeshare in Florida or maybe a Houseboat corporation on Lake Powell, where many hands make for mighty money, but upon closer inspection, it has all the juice of the metaverse and all the elitism of Martha Stewart Stock tip.

With just one coin to be issued a little less than 7 days from now, this will be the only single coin on the crypto exchange that has several hundred owners. Each investor will buy in for a fraction share of the full coin in what will become a virtual social club of the future. 

A count-down clock on the website builds tension that something big is going to happen when this coin is launched, but in truth, the real magic will happen when the word gets out there that no one else can own it. 

The Chosen
Image Credits: The Chosen One Website

The Chosen One CEO Ron Levy likens the concept to an NFT, which has a dollar value in the real world based on demand that can be traded only in virtual reality, saying, “the value of the coin will grow based upon the investors involved. Once one investor wants it, another will want it too, and it will grow.”

When the count-down clock stops in the next few days, that’s when the volatility will kick in, because like an NFT, the value will grow due to the fact that no one else can buy in. Their aim is to overtake Bitcoin’s number one spot in value by creating extra demand for the one and only coin they will issue. 

As the marketing man for the coin Dave Johnson says, “The most important thing is to explain to people (is) the potential of the currency. (As) we build a community of specialized currency we create a high value for the currency, accumulating a loyal investor community that is with us all the way.  Because it is just one currency, it (will be) very easy to overtake Bitcoin and be number 1 on the list.”

Levy, Johnson, and Robert all agree that taking on the titan Bitcoin is a high priority because of its price and relatively elite ownership list. Originally launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto as a way to democratize finance and take the power back from big banks and governments, Bitcoin has skyrocketed in cost of late and right out of the hands of the modest income investors it hoped to protect.

If The Chosen One launch is successful, the owners of the coin hope to dethrone the big boys like Bitcoin and Ether from their perch on the value list by showing that through community effort, kings can be toppled. That is why with just seven days left they have removed all reserves and instead will allow any and all investors to invest regardless of their standing on the world financial stage. 

However, The Chosen One is also the A-Team of Investor groups because to invest with them, you have to find them. Having no profile pics or Facebook history on their Facebook profiles and a distinct accent in the call I had with them which indicated that Dave Johnson and Ron Levy were not their real names, coupled with the fact that there is no owner profile on their website and no way to contact them, this may be the most American scheme of all, reaching back to the words of PT Barnum who said, “there is a sucker born every minute.” But if you want to buy them, and you can find them, maybe you can invest in The Chosen One. This is their website is, and you can reach them on telegram at +972509608745. 

Thumbnail Credits: The Chosen One website


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