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UPDATE: Ground rules not established yet in the Taliban peace talks

UPDATE: Ground rules not established yet in the Taliban peace talks

Doha, Qatar – The spokesperson for the president of Afghanistan, Sediq Seddiqi, confirmed in an interview with The Current Affairs Times that reporting by Reuters claiming Afghan negotiators set a broad code of conduct to safeguard peace talks is misleading, incorrect, and not fact-checked. 

Current Affairs Times found out that the Taliban has not yet agreed to the Afghan government’s key demand for a ceasefire. The Afghan government and the Taliban have not yet reached common ground. The statement from the Afghan government’s negotiating team confirms that there has been no progress on the framework of the negotiations. 

When Doha’s emir, Hamad Bin Khalifa extended Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani an invitation to visit, the objective was to enhance bilateral ties between Qatar and Afghanistan and to secure Qatar’s support in the peace talks with the Taliban, Seddiqi added.

The question to consider is which sources passed along misleading information?

Image Credit: Karim Jaafar/AFP via Getty Images


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