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OPINION: 8 ways Trump could throw the Biden transition off the rails

OPINION: 8 ways Trump could throw the Biden transition off the rails

There’s a crazy tradition where Democratic presidents get stuck cleaning up Republican messes. It happened in 1992 when Bill Clinton had to get rid of George H.W. Bush’s leftover recession. In 2008 Barack Obama had to pull the country back from the brink after George W. Bush’s subprime catastrophe. Given what Biden may face is like comparing a garden lizard with a Tyrannosaurus rex. With that in mind, there are 8 ways that Trump could throw the Biden transition off the rails. 

If you think this will be a routine handover of power, think again. The president continues to threaten that given a loss, he won’t peacefully take his toys and return to Florida. This is worrisome for a boatload of reasons. Considering the president’s penchant for narcissism and victimization, he won’t go away easily. Plus, he could wreak as much havoc as possible like a child who turns over the game board after losing. 

Trump’s biggest fear, aside from the plethora of investigations and looming debts, is becoming a one-term president. He would be the first “one-termer” in 28 years. What does this mean? In his own limited parlance, Trump would see himself as “choking” — turned into a loser and sucker. 

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Speculation over the polls is causing pollsters to jockey for therapist appointments during downtime. Although the polls appear to give the election edge to Joe Biden — the game is still in play. A red wave of Republicans could swoop down like locusts on a field and save the day for Trump. But, millions of Americans are betting against it. What does a transition look like going from a mercurial president to a zen president between Nov. 4 and Jan. 20? Here are 8 ways that Trump could throw Biden’s transition completely out of whack: 

  1. Pardons. Trump could go pardon-crazy trying to protect corrupt cronies like Rudy Giuliani and complicit family members like son, Eric. He could even resign early in hopes that Vice President Pence will pardon him. But that still might not protect Trump from a cavalcade of New York State investigations
  2. Shredding or deleting documents. New administrations rely on documentation from the previous administration. With so much to hide and a history of cover-ups, document deletion could be in proportions like we’ve never seen before. 
  3. Pushing the button. The spoiled-sport nature of the president’s character could even incite him to start a military action. Worse, as a Politico piece spells out, it’s not inconceivable to think that Trump could trigger a War of Wars. He is, until, midnight on January 20, the Commander in Chief. 
  4. Refusing to fight the coronavirus. Clearly tired of the disease that won’t go away, the Trump administration could leave the heavy lifting to Biden. With Americans skeptical of  “official” data on COVID-19, Trump could use executive orders to put coronavirus funding in jeopardy.  
  5. Too many fires. With the sheer scope and magnitude of Trump’s ineptitude, Biden’s administration may get overwhelmed.  Trying to douse so many “fires” at once, Biden may end up doing too little, too late.  
  6. Pleasing too many people at once. During his campaign, Joe Biden has stressed the importance and the power of bipartisanship. His people are reaching out to Republicans as we speak to see who might want to be on Biden’s cabinet. We can only imagine how hard this task will be. The longer it takes, the harder it will be to get the country up and running again. 
  7. Plotting an “eye for an eye.” Donald Trump’s thin-skinned nature may prompt him to do any number of deranged things before his term is up. He has weaponized the courts and packed federal agencies with sycophants willing to do his bidding. Worse, Trump could pull off another “Friday Night Massacre” with mass firings of seasoned officials and professionals. 
  8. Firing up White supremacist militias. The FBI makes no secret of the fact that White supremacists are our Number One domestic threat. These groups are heavily-armed. What protections can Biden put in place to keep the peace?

A deeply divided nation and a packed conservative Supreme Court will leave Biden dancing as fast as he can. With so many doomsday scenarios, what steps can Joe Biden take to head Trump off at the pass?

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2 thoughts on “OPINION: 8 ways Trump could throw the Biden transition off the rails

  1. Regardless whom ever becomes our President it will be a disaster. If Trump wins it’s just more of the (SOS) and if Biden wins it will be a lot of S——-to clean up.

  2. There’s a world of difference between Trump and Biden. Biden will surround himself with intelligent people. We’ve seen who Trump surrounds himself with as as we’ve found out, ignorance will get you killed. Thanks for reading and replying. Stay well.

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