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UPDATE: A second beheading in France — why are these attacks happening?

UPDATE: A second beheading in France — why are these attacks happening?

Nice, France – A Tunisian man beheaded a woman and murdered two others Thursday morning in France. Just two weeks ago, an 18-year-old Chechen refugee beheaded a Parisian middle-school teacher. As France sees a second beheading and murders in a Nice church, why are these attacks happening?

On October 16, Parisian history teacher Samuel Paty was decapitated by Abdoullakh Abouyezidovitch A. The teenager chose to kill Paty because of his lesson on the Prophet Muhammad. The lesson centered on the freedom of expression and included cartoons of Muhammad found in the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo

The Tunisian man who murdered three victims on Thursday is Brahim Aouissaoui, according to Tunisian and French security sources. At some point in the Nice attack, Aouissaoui shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest). Before arriving in France September 20, Aouissaoui came to Europe via Lampedusa, an Italian island that processes African migrants.

What motivated these two killers to commit murder and decapitate people? Will more of these acts occur in the near future?

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