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MASSIVE  terror attacks in Vienna – will there be peace in Europe anytime soon?

MASSIVE terror attacks in Vienna – will there be peace in Europe anytime soon?

Austria, Vienna – Four people are shot and 22 injured in a massive attack in Vienna on Monday. A heavily armed attacker opened fire at six locations in central Vienna. Further, the perpetrator has killed himself. Authorities are yet to identify the people killed. So far, the authorities only identify them as “ an elderly man, an elderly woman, a younger passerby, and a waitress.” Will there be peace in the region anytime soon?

Germany’s foreign ministry claims that one of the deceased is a German citizen. The gunman is identified as Fejzulai Kujtim, a 20-year-old ISIS member. Kujtim is a convicted felon who served time for trying to fight for ISIS in Syria. Kujtim is a dual citizen of Austria and North Macedonia. 

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz says this is a clear Islamic terrorist attack. The police in Vienna warns that there is a possibility of a second assailant on the run. Additionally, a stay at home advisory is issued for the public. 

So far, there are 14 arrests in connection with the attack. The police are working on locating potential accomplices. 
Kurz is in contact with French President, Emmanuel Macron to discuss the possibility of the Vienna attacks being linked to the recent attacks in France. Will there be peace in Europe anytime soon?

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