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Afia and Erin’s Real Talk with Dr. Lockard: MeToo Movement In The Military

Afia and Erin’s Real Talk with Dr. Lockard: MeToo Movement In The Military

New York, NY – Afia and Erin’s Real Talk with Dr. Yadira Baez Lockard – today we first, wholeheartedly thank our team and viewers for the success of our first podcast. Second, we have with us, Dr. Yadira Baez Lockard. Our topic today is MeToo In The Military.

MeToo in the military: Dr. Yadira Baez

Dr. Lockard serves as a consultant and expert witness for military court proceedings. She has consulted and testified regarding sexual assault, pornography possession cases, memory and substance abuse, physical abuse for years. Further, Dr. Lockard has served as a consultant for both government and defense trial counsel.

As a forensic psychologist, Dr. Lockard has been designated as an expert witness by several military courts.  Additionally, as an expert, she has traveled throughout the United States & Canada, as well as Central & South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico.

Also, you can find the video version of our MeToo in the military podcast on YouTube. Our team would love to hear your comments, questions, and feedback.

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