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RUSSIA  ammunition depot explosions: an accident or a conspiracy?

RUSSIA ammunition depot explosions: an accident or a conspiracy?

Moscow, Russia –  A wildfire set off explosions at a Russian ammunition depot in the region of Ryazan. The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations confirmed to The Current Affairs Times that over 2300 people in 14 villages were evacuated. These villages are within a five-kilometer radius of the depot. Allegedly, over 20 buildings are burned down.

Russia Ammunition Explosion. Video Credits: The Guardian

Emergency management

A state of emergency is imposed in the region of Ryazan in western Russia. This ammunition depot has a storage capacity of 75,000 ammunitions with high explosive capacity. The depot also houses 113 storage facilities. 

Cause of explosion

Strong winds spread a wildfire onto the military storage facility leading to multiple explosions. The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that these ammunition explosions were sporadic. 


The TASS news agency reported, that a criminal case is opened. This is the second time in a year that an ammunition depot explosion occurred in Russian territory. In August 2019 a Russian ammunition depot exploded in the Siberian city of Achinsk. Investigators are sensing conspiracy. The question is how safe are these Russian ammunition depots?

Image Credits: Russian Emergencies Ministry/Reuters


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