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Something’s Rotten In The Senate When it Comes to Unanimous Support for Daylight Savings

Something’s Rotten In The Senate When it Comes to Unanimous Support for Daylight Savings

Washington D.C – Regardless of whether you are for or against universal daylight savings time, you have to admit something stinks about the way it passed the Senate last month.

Through unanimous consent, conservative Senator Marco Rubio of Florida teamed up with liberal stalwart  Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts and a few dozen of their compatriots to ramrod the idea that America wants daylight savings to be permanent despite clear-throated opposition from the medical and education communities.

The chances it will pass the house and get signed into law by Biden who sat out on the vote the first time they tried this in 1973 under the Nixon administration, are limited at best, so why did the Senate gaslight America into thinking this is the best idea since sliced bread?

Current Affairs Times, called and emailed Markey, Whitehouse, and Rubio for comment but only heard back from the house sponsor of the bill, Vern Buchanan of Florida who said, “There are enormous health and economic benefits to making daylight saving time permanent. Florida and 17 other states have already moved to adopt daylight saving time year-round but cannot do so without congressional approval. It’s time to end the antiquated practice of changing our clocks twice a year, which is why I’m leading a letter to Speaker Pelosi calling for immediate consideration of my bill with Senator Rubio, the Sunshine Protection Act.”

If that’s not a Kool-Aid drinking acolyte answer to whatever is going on in the senate, then we don’t know what is.

We do know, however, that Markey and Whitehouse could be the first to cry holy hell when the first grade-schoolers get run over by busses in Detroit in the dark in January 2023 because that’s what happened in 1973 about ten minutes after they tried this the first time.

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  • Vern Buchanan’s office.
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