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Cleveland Indians to officially change the team name

Cleveland Indians to officially change the team name

Cleveland – In a statement from the organization and its CEO, The Cleveland Indians will officially change their team name. The word Indians will be dropped after being in use for over a century. 

This doesn’t come as a surprise as the now Washington football team in the NFL recently dropped the term Redskins. 

“As a fifth-generation Clevelander, I understand the historic impact and importance of this decision,” said Paul Dolan the team’s CEO.  

The process which began in June started off with conversations between the team and Native American Groups and researchers.

Since Washington dropped the Redskins nickname, the Indians have shied away from using its Indian Chief logo. The team now depicts a red capital C on its caps and jerseys. 

Dolan stresses that the name change is gonna be a “multi-phased” process. As a result, the team will not drop the nickname for the upcoming 2021 season. 

“Future decisions including the new name and brand development, are complex and will take some time,” said Dolan. 

New names in the running include the Spiders, Rockers, and Doby’s, named after Hall of fame player Larry Doby.

Should the team continue to use the nickname Indians during the 2021 season?

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