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Niece of Chris Christie Injures 6 Deputies in Airplane Brawl

Niece of Chris Christie Injures 6 Deputies in Airplane Brawl

New Orleans — Six Jefferson Parish deputies sustained injuries attempting to detain a woman claiming to be the niece of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. The events happened early Thanksgiving morning.

While taxiing to the runway, Spirit Airlines employees decided to remove Shannon Epstein, 25,  from her outbound flight to New Jersey. Sources said Epstein’s removal was prompted after she leveraged a baseless line of racist accusations against a Latino family. Epstein reportedly accused the passengers of being “Drug Mules” and “smuggling cocaine.”

Spirit Airlines employees decided to remove her from the aircraft. Then, after returning to the gate and leaving the plane, Epstein refused to make her way off the jet bridge and into the terminal.

Then she turned violent.

Epstein’s Fight With Jefferson Parish Deputies

Being described as “extremely combative,” Epstein hit, kicked, bit, and spat on the deputies. Reports count injuries to six deputies — one of whom she bit on the arm, breaking the skin. Another she kicked in the groin. 

Finally, the deputies handcuffed Epstein to a wheelchair and rolled her to the airport security area while she spouted profanities. 

Enraged, Epstein screamed threats, stating that those detaining her would lose their jobs and face criminal charges. At this point, she cited her relation to former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and then cited his friendship with important politicians, namely former President Donald Trump. 

Authorities charged Epstein with six separate counts of battery, three counts of disturbing the peace, and one count of resisting forced arrest. 

Epstein posted bail and was released the same day. Her appearance in court is scheduled for Jan. 23rd in Jefferson Parish. However, a Jefferson Parish Sherrif’s Office spokesman stated the case is likely to move to federal court. 

Neither Spirit Airlines nor former Governor Chris Christie has publicly commented on the incident.

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